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About Owner

After committing herself to a full-time volunteer outreach program for two years, Sam realized that helping people and animals would be her life's mission. 


She is a certified PetSaver and has certifications in pet CPR and First Aid & Care.

About PaxiPaws

How can anyone know the person caring for their furry kids is doing so properly? 

At PaxiPaws our mission is to love your pets and treat them as you would. 


We know exactly how to treat them, because you tell us and we build our PetCompanion visits around the PaxiPlan you create. 

We know your fuzzy wuzzy’s favorite foods, snacks, toys, hiding places and locations. We also carry our PaxiPack wherever we go that’s always filled with interactive toys, water, and healthy organic snackies at no charge.  Not to worry, we will always ask if it’s ok to give snackies. 

Just watch your pet light up when they see THEIR PetCompanion at the door!  When their hoomans are gone for the day their PetCompanions will come and play.

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